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Roof Algae Services

Roof Algae Services

Algae growth on your roof can be a serious problem. Those black spots, black streaks and roof mold are actually exposed shingle asphalt. 

Roof algae is a living organism that feeds off  the limestone filler commonly used in shingle production for roof tops.

Not only does it make your home less attractive, if it isn’t properly removed, it can shave years off the life of your roofing.

The black stains and roof shingle streaks are actually ROOF ALGAE, and ROOF MOLD living on TOP of the asphalt roof shingles.

Now is the time to protect your roof.  Without roof cleaning of visible algae, it can lead to rapid deterioration of your shingles.

Reasons to clean your roof:

Prevent costly repairs
Prolong effective roof life
Improve aesthetic curb appeal
And especially maintain your property value!