Custom Cut Landscape


Our Front walkway needed to be repaired. Joe came out personally to help with the repair. They did a fabulous job on it and laid it back down in the same pattern. They even worked in the rain to finish it on time. It looks great!

Thanks Joe!

~Alex ~

Winter Wonderland!

When Cleveland decides winter is here, you better be ready! Let Custom Cut Landscape do the snow removal work for you

Did you know that shoveling snow can actually be dangerous if precautions are not taken? Your heart rate and blood pressure increase during strenuous activity. However because your body's natural reflex is to constrict arteries and blood vessels when exposed to the cold, it is a recipe for a heart attack.

Typical winter conditions (a little bit of snow and cold temperatures) cause death rates from heart attacks to triple among men 35 to 49 years old.

Custom Cut Landscape offers a wide line of snow removal solutions for both the residential and commercial client:

  • Early Morning Plowing to ensure your drive is ready before you leave for work
  • Our Snow Plow Trucks are radio dispatched in case you need something on the spur of the moment Salting services to ensure safety for everyone
  • Special occasion plowing/ shoveling/ salting requests welcome
  • Drive and roof shoveling Icicle removal Roof heat cables installed
  • Seasonal contracts that take the worry out of the winter
  • Driveway stakes are provided
  • Guaranteed damage repair at the end of the season.

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