Custom Cut Landscape


Our very first encounter with the infamous east side winter was when my husband tried to shovel our  60 foot + long driveway. After he struggled for almost two hours he suggested we call Joe and Custom Cut to plow our driveway. Joe was there right away and got our driveway clear in no time.

~ Natalie M ~

Go Green-ER

Go Green-ER Custom Cut Landscape uses recycled materials to make your yard look great.

Yes landscapes in the Cleveland area are usually green, at least in the spring and summer. But we mean Go Green-ER.

As the Proprietor of Custom Cut Landscape I am dedicated to helping our environment whenever and wherever possible. Using and reusing recycled materials is a great way for all of us to benefit.

When it comes to landscapes, older is often better. Many homes and existing landscapes will look out of place with brand bright shiny bricks. From using recycled railroad ties and stones to give your new walk a rustic feel, to re-distributing dirt around your yard. We will do our best to Go Green-ER

If you want to know about our Green-ER solutions please talk to us.

Thank you,

Joe Gambino