Custom Cut Landscape


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I NEVER thought I would ever get my basement cleaned and organized. I can't believe how quickly the whole process went with you leading the attack! I actually like going downstairs now, and I can find everything I need.

~ Natalie M ~

I don't know what i would have done if you hadn't been able to help my mother when her water heater blew! Thank you!

~ Bob S ~

Why Choose Custom Cut?

Custom Cut Landscape has friendly service from snow plowing to landscaping and home repairsWe at Custom Cut Landscape pride ourselves on the following:

  • The personal attention that we give to our customers
  • Excellent work ethic on the job Attention to details
  • Personable and conscientious staff
  • Owner involvement on the job
  • A clean work site at all times
  • Constant communication on the job
  • Jobs never left idle once started
  • Kind, courteous service

My husband and I were outside weeding my herb garden when Joe pulled in. He was digging out a tree root from a neighbor's yard. He knew we had a few and offered to dig them out while he was on our street. You don't find that kind of service anymore!

~ Bev O ~


All I can say is WOW!! When we called to have you remove our fallen tree we had no idea you could put it back up!!! That was 2 years ago and it is still growing strong!

~ Kevin G ~


I knew exactly what I wanted, I had talked to a few landscape designers and got either sure we can do what you want, or no way that won't work. However when I asked Joe, he immediately sat down with me and started to work out the problems with my design but kept my vision 100%! Thank you Joe!

~ Anna H ~


Every time Paul and his team come over to our house I am amazed that they can make it look so good in such a short time! Thanks!

~ Bill K ~


Thank you for the emergency supply of mulch!! I don't know what we would have done without you!

~ Kelly B ~