Custom Cut Landscape


The very first year we lived on the eastside, my husband decided he would shovel the driveway himself! Well after the first snow, which was also the first day in our new house, and after he had spent about 1.5 hours outside, when he was about a foot away from finishing the drive, I called from my nice warm door way "So you want me to call Joe?" We've never looked back! And Custom Cut has been doing our drive way for 5 years now!

~ Natalie M ~

Where is that leak coming from?

Water damage to stairs from a leaking roof.We got a call that they thought they had a leak. The last step felt "funny" and the wall seemed "squishy". Sounds like a leak. The question was where was it coming from and how could we stop it.




It's sometimes difficult to find a leak from a roof or elsewhereIt's easy to fix water damage, but it's not always as easy to stop it. Our first step was to take out the rotten wood and to see if we could find the area that was leaking. The culprit was a cracked downspout next to the garage slab foundation. The water worked it's way back to the basement stairwell and eventually to the bottom step.




Repaired water damage, after the leak was discovered and correctedOnce we identified the leak and repaired the downspout, we sealed the wall and replaced the entire last step.